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462 S. 4th Street,
Suite 1770
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502) 583-1945
Fax: (502) 583-1941


LS Associates is a comprehensive financial and management services firm delivering solutions tailored primarily for companies that are underperforming or in crisis or turnaround mode.

We have provided services to over 200 clients throughout the United States and internationally, with debts ranging from $1M to $200M.

LS has a broad array of industry experience and a sampling of our services include:

  • Addressing the Need for Increased Communication and Credibility with all Stakeholders - Lenders, Customers, , Shareholders, Employees and Suppliers
  • Reorganizing or Turnaround Services to Restore Profitability
  • Maximizing Value while Executing Liquidations, Wind-Downs, 363 Sales or Other Sales of Business Assets and/or Operations
  • Serving as a Trustee or a Receiver and/or Providing Bankruptcy Support and Administration
  • Executing Financial Debt Restructurings, Refinancings, and Raising Capital
  • Assisting in Mediations and Negotiations
  • Fulfilling Interim Management Roles and Plan Implementation