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About LS Associates

LS Associates is a team of experienced individuals dedicated to providing financial and management services. We recognize organizations face unique challenges in either growth or reducing in size and in redefining or defining their core business. We will assess a business in order to develop alternatives for action. We can then articulate the alternatives and coordinate/orchestrate and or implement the execution of the desired plan. Our services primarily extend to companies in crisis or turnaround mode but we can additionally offer value to those companies wishing to maximize profits by re-engineering or restructuring their business.

Our approach centers on compiling and verifying the facts, then presenting and communicating the findings in order to make sure all vested parties are informed. Our goal is to represent the interests of our client and in doing so, whenever possible, achieve the optimum outcome for all stakeholders.

We will not only utilize our own experience but we have developed a network of colleagues with specific industry and system expertise that we will engage if necessary in order to make sure we have the best possible resources and talents working to implement the desired plan.

We provide dependable, confidential service to business owners, lenders and investors in a broad range of industries. We look for engagements where we will add value to the equation and will strive to achieve the desired results by thinking "in and out of the box". Achieving the optimal outcome is the key.

References can be provided upon request.