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Robert W. Leasure, Jr.

Bob Leasure has over 30 years of experience primarily in dealing with turnaround situations either in formal reorganizations or informal out of court reorganization.
Bob’ s professional experience includes:

· Serving as a Chapter 11 Trustee and providing financial advisory services in bankruptcy cases in multiple districts including:

    - Southern District of Indiana
    - Southern District of New York
    - Western District of Kentucky
    - Eastern District of Kentucky
    - Northern District of Indiana, South Bend Division
· As Trustee
    - Responsible for identifying and pursuing avoidance/preferential actions and recoveries against banks , individuals, title companies, and corporations resulting in both cash settlements and in some instances forgiveness of secured debt.
    - Identified , liquidated and recovered assets from multiple countries.
    - Worked with multiple federal agencies to comply with regulations and execute duties.

· Specific industry experience in Eastern and Central Kentucky includes:
    - Road Contractors Construction
    - Mining
    - Real Estate Sales and Development
    - Auto and Boat Dealers and Dealerships
    - Manufacturing
    - Oil and Gas entities ( Trustee)

· Serving as a Receiver of assets and/or entities in multiple states including:
    - Kentucky
    - Indiana
    - Ohio
    - Arkansas
    - North and South Carolina

· Buying and selling companies and/or assets both in and out of bankruptcy and receivership .
· Putting together numerous acquisitions, sales and refinancing deals specializing in lender negotiations.

· Completing successful turnarounds and orchestrated and facilitated the eventual sale of the businesses and/or financial restructuring.

· Leading companies through an orderly liquidation process with efforts to maximize the return for all creditors and shareholders.

Bob has established a credible reputation and has developed many relationships with banks, finance companies, financial consultants and attorneys as well as a vast network of industry specific resources. In addition he has extensive experience in vendor negotiation, bank negotiations, identifying and recovering assets and creditor committee relations and as a Chapter 11 Trustee, he has experience in research and forensic reviews in order to identify and recover assets and execute preference recoveries.

He is currently the managing partner and president of LS Associates LLC (“LS”) a crisis management and turnaround firm formed in 2002 and headquartered in Louisville, Ky. LS has worked with over 175 companies with debt ranging from $2M to $ 250M. LS serves clientele in both the United States and internationally in various industries, including real estate development, retail ,service, logistics, manufacturing, distribution and automotive/marine floorplan work.